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Dealership Experts Auto Jobs - Auto Jobs Recruiters

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Dealership Expertsabout us



Dealership Experts is not your typical automotive recruiter, auto jobs agency, or employment agency. With over 100 years of auto industry management experience, auto jobs expertise, and the best automotive industry contacts that are all accessible within the only automotive personnel CRM.


We find automotive dealers the most talented auto job seekers and explosive dealer employees available within the auto jobs market; we prefer to call them "difference makers". This provides your dealership with almost instant results and horse-power on the road to change and profitability in any department.


At Dealership Experts our auto recruiting services provide the most comprehensive, cost effective, complete background check, and reference check in the auto industry. This means you will know the auto professional you are getting for the auto jobs you have available. You simply log-in to our industry exclusive Member Dealer Personnel CRM and view resumes of qualified professionals (auto jobs candidates) that we serve, or you can search through our fully vetted auto job candidates by zip code, auto expert qualifications, or any other requested recruiting staffing criteria. With our auto personnel CRM you will never lose a resume, you can view job seeker resumes anywhere you have internet access, and with Smart Resume® you are guaranteed accurate employment history and data.


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Dealer & Candidate testimonials



Leo G. - Auto Dealer

Multiple Auto Franchises & Locations


"Dealership Experts has saved my dealership thousands of advertising dollars and hours of time searching for new automotive employees. Their Dealer Personnel CRM is easy to use. All of the automotive professionals sent for us to interview were highly qualified and skilled. Heather Candler and Nino Parco are always friendly, knowledgable, and ready to jump in and help answer questions. They have been quick and prompt to fill our orders and with the candidate guarantee, how could I go wrong. Thank you Dealership Experts for making my transition into a new market easy."


Top qualities: Instant Results, Industry Expertise, Creative - I hired Nino as a Recruiter in 2009, and would not have a need to look anywhere else to increase our E.S.I. and retention.


Allen S. - C.O.O.

12 Dealership Auto Group


"Nino is one of the most creative minds in the automotive recriuting field today. He is moving hiring and recruiting well into the future. Not only did he help our stores in acquiring talent. He was hands on every step of the way. He is one of the hardest working people I know and does not rest until the job is done. His talents and abilities I would recommend to any individual auto dealer, auto group, and/or automotive dealerships."


Top qualities: Great Results, Auto Expert, Automotive Recruiter, Auto Industry Creative. I hired Nino as a Recruiter in 2008, and currently utilize the HR expertise of Dealership Experts.



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