Welcome to Dealership Experts, my name is John Ingram. I am originally from a suburban blue-collar community that is located 25 miles South of Boston, Massachusetts named Brockton (home of the boxing legend marvelous Marvin Hagler). During my childhood in this working class city along the north eastern sea of the board I learned the rewards of hard work and strong faith at a very young age by the example of my parents who worked tirelessly to raise myself and my 3 siblings. Following a well earned football scholarship in football to Boston College (Go Eagles). I was then introduced to the automotive industry in 1986 after a move away from New England to Houston, Texas where I began selling vehicles. This was the beginning of my now 30+ year career and journey as an automotive industry professional.


Since that time I have steadily worked myself through the ranks within the automotive industry holding such positions as Salesman, Finance Manager, Finance Director, New Vehicle Manager, Pre-Owned Manager, Pre-Owned Director, General Sales Manager. By mastering each position along the way I have developed a vast knowledge of an "I Care" operating style that was attractive to those around me not to mention profitable. In 1999 I was offered a Partnership in the John Eagle Auto Group by John Eagle where I was to become the Managing Partner amp& President at John Eagle Honda of Dallas for the next 20 years, which is how I ended up calling North Texas home. p>


In today’s automotive market if you do not know how to manage your human capital inventory, then you are not maximizing the gross profit of your dealership and/or dealerships. This was the catalyst for joining Dealership Experts team. We uncover the most talented people within the auto industry filling open or upcoming positions available within your dealership. By implementing proven processes (variable and fixed), pay plans, and tracking key market indicators within your store, DMA, and PMA, coupled with inserting people I like to refer to as "difference makers". Your store can soon be on the road to a swift enhancement or recovery with your own stimulus package called “Net Profit”. Please feel free to Contact Me at anytime to discuss what Dealership Experts can do for your organization. May God Bless you, and your family.


Thanks for visiting us and warmest regards

John J, Ingram C.O.O

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