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Dealership Experts Launches DE iCRM iPHONE, Auto Dealership Applicant Tracking Software

Friday March 1, 2013 – Dallas, Texas - Dealership Experts has successfully launched the only auto dealer recruiting App, DE iCRM, for iPHONE smartphones to compliment their exclusive DE iCRM for auto dealerships for desktops.


This App enables Member Dealers to not only place dealership employment opportunities from their iPhone within minutes, but also view qualified auto professionals, contact them, and make decisions on current candidates within their dealership portal. The auto recruiting App will make it a lot easier for our Member Dealers who often are working on the go. If you are a Member Dealer and have an iPhone smartphone please follow the link within the below to download the App on your iphone device. If you are interested in becoming a Member Dealer, please contact Nino Parco, C.E.O. and you too can see a more cost effective way to recruit your auto professionals.


We look forward to continuing serving our current and future Member Dealers with the only auto recruiting software in the industry.


All Dealership Experts Apps will also be downloadable from our website on the Smart Phone selection under Dealer Services, but also at the Google Play App Store and iTunes App Store

Dealership Experts Launches DE iCRM for Android, iPhone to Follow

Monday February 25, 2013 – Dallas, Texas - Dealership Experts has successfully launched the only auto dealer recruiting App, DE iCRM, for Android smartphones to compliment their exclusive CRM for auto dealerships for desktops.


This App enables Member Dealers to not only place dealership employment opportunities from their Android phone within minutes, but also view qualified auto professionals, contact them, and make decisions on current candidates within their dealership portal. The auto recruiting App will make it a lot easier for our Member Dealers who often are working on the go. If you are a Member Dealer and have an Android smartphone please follow the link within the icon below to download the App on your Android device. If you are interested in becoming a Member Dealer, please contact Nino Parco, C.E.O. and you too can see a more cost effective way to recruit your auto professionals.


Our iPhone DE iCRM will launch within the next 4 days so stay tuned. We look forward to serving our current and future Member Dealers with the only auto recruiting software in the industry.


All Dealership Experts Apps will also be downloadable from our website on the "HOME" page, but also at the Google Play App Store and iTunes App Store

Dealership Experts Begins Testing the New iPhone / Android App for Member Dealers

Friday January 25, 2013 – Dallas, Texas - Well when it comes to exclusive automotive recruiting technology there is no argument on the auto dealership industry leader, Dealership Experts.


Dealership Experts currently controls the only automotive personnel recruiting software in the auto industry that provides cutting edge technology giving their rapidly expanding Member Dealer base with fully qualified automotive professionals. “The size of our auto professional database has ballooned to over 24,000”, says Nino Parco, CEO of Dealership Experts. “We are really excited to launch the only auto industry recruiting iPhone and Android app in the auto industry, this is a game changer”.


The app will give Member Dealers the ability within 30 seconds to order key personnel that is needed throughout the dealership. “We are in testing mode currently and expect our launch to be February 20, 2013 or sooner”, says Jillian Parco – Freeman, VP of Dealer Services. “Our Member Dealers will find this tool the easiest way to run advertising, view qualified candidates, and set up interviews. If you are at the forefront of the automotive talent pool, this will provide you with a very unique market advantage”.


Watch the website for the launch and become a Member Dealer with the automotive recruiters that are pioneers in the auto personnel industry.

Industry Leading Auto Market Adds a Mega Attraction

Friday June 1, 2012 - When they say “Everything is bigger in Texas”, that statement continues to ring true in this 30 acre master piece. Dealership Experts was invited to get a preview of what all of Dallas / Fort Worth, and the entire Country’s auto industry, will see as the new benchmark for assisting all auto dealers in inventory turn and replenishing supply of quality pre-owned vehicles. Metro Auto Auction will launch, on Tuesday the 5th of June, the most state of the art and dealer/buyer friendly auto auction in the United States. Located at 1836 Midway Road in Lewisville, Texas 75056 off of 121 and I35N. For any and all information call 972-492-0900. On opening day they anticipate well north of 1000 vehicles with over 6 fully air conditioned lanes at 10 a.m. running.


Several years in the making and planning, Metro Auto Auction will soon be a reality that brings everything auto dealers across the country have been waiting for - convenience, volume, and integrity. This futuristic facility was developed to provide auto dealers ease of access, referencing transportation and travel of vehicles, dealers, and wholesalers. Metro Auto Auction offers the ability to circulate and recirculate automotive retail and wholesale inventory to auto markets that currently lack timely movement and product demand by the auto dealer, wholesaler, and/or consumer. “Touring this facility lit a passion that finally brought a feeling of rapid motion on a part of the industry that directly controls growth and market share in the pre-owned markets, resulting in faster inventory turn” said Nino Parco, C.E.O. of Dealership Experts. “From curbside to the action (in the lanes) Metro Auto Auction is as convenient as the DFW International Airport and is within a 15 minute shuttle or cab ride”, he continued. "The reconditioning facility is responsible for giving a glimpse of curb-side-appeal on all run units, and is built for quality and quantity."


At the end of the day the P.D.I. (post-delivery inspection) that inspects all vehicles for frame damage, fluid retention, and weather related decay exceeds all expectation levels, giving buyers and sellers alike peace of mind to focus on their individual product market. This auto auction will really raise the bar on all inventory management expectations and create the blue-print to follow within the automotive industry for years to come.


Professionalism Lands the Perfect Auto Jobs

Monday May 20, 2012 - Since the bust of 2008 in the auto industry the number of franchised dealers within the U.S. has been reduced by over 3,000. If you take the number of O.E.M.'s and suppliers that these auto dealerships supported it would be easy to see how many auto jobs were sacrificed and eliminated during this period.


But just like any cause and effect, we must ask ourselves if the population has gone up or down? Are there more drivers or less drivers? If your answer was "yes" to these questions then you are on the right track to the inevitable return of the auto industry. This is a resilient business as the professional people that make it tick are. Auto jobs will forever come and go much like the people in the industry. No one that survives as a true auto professional does so without having professionalism as part of his/her character. This trait will separate out the people that taint our industry with behavior that is unethical and unprofessional.


So let's remember the next time that we are interviewing an auto jobs candidate or an auto jobs professional. There is a difference between the two and it is very recognizable. And also remember the next time that you interview for an auto job you must ask yourself a question first. Am I an auto jobs candidate or an auto jobs professional. Knowing the difference will exude the confidence and professionalism that will get that auto job offered to you every time.


Interviewing Today for Auto Jobs

Saturday May 14, 2012 - Déjà vu pronunciation: [deʒa vy] (literally "already seen") is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.


Dealers attempt to predict the future when hiring for an auto job  and vetting each employee. Everything the auto job professional or entry level candidate lists on their resume and/or application forms the dealer's prediction of what will occur with the auto professional's production in the future. This phenomenon is a major factor in the vetting process and the interview stage.


An Auto Industry Professional can overcome this uncomfortable situation through several easy steps:


1. Accept previous failures.


Explain the job change as a "learning experience" and that you have benefited from the situation, making you a "more informed and mature employee". Example: This will get you a lot farther than "I just couldn't work for people like that anymore".


2. Options through diversity are a huge plus.


When an auto job professional has experienced success as a Automotive Salesperson, with some Automotive Internet experience, that worked in Auto Finance and has also had some Automotive Service Advisor experience, it allows a potential dealership's managing staff, including the dealer principal many options.


Example: Auto Dealers know that they may be able to hire today and promote tomorrow. The potential auto job professional has a much more balanced and complete dealership understanding and, if flexible, becomes immediately desirable. This is a world away from "I'm only interested in being a Pre-owned Manager". This gives the employer limited options, at least with you as an automotive professional.


3. Understand Career Potential.


The employer is always trying to hire a Salesperson that could be their next New Car Manager. They are interviewing for a Service Advisor that could be their next Service Manager, etc, etc.


4. Remain open to the options that the Dealership provides.


Most great Auto Finance Managers and Finance Directors came from the sales side, but many have also evolved from their Auto Service Advisor experience. Both Service Advisors and Finance Managers sell intangibles, not physical parts or vehicles. Explore similar opportunities, rule out nothing.


5. Choose you questions carefully.


Example: "How can I earn a Management position within your Dealership and/or Auto Group?" shows a willingness to accommodate. "In the available position, how can I best service your dealership needs" shows that you're a big picture employee. "Please tell me how I can best fit in with your team" shows that you want to be a team player and probably will work well with others.




Understand that the interview process is an elimination process for a potential employer, based upon paradigms created by their past experiences with past employees. Be yourself, but be your best. Image is everything, and the employer always assumes that how you act and look during the interview is "as good as it gets". If you aren't dressed appropriately and confident during the interview you probably never will be, in the employer's eyes. Speaking of eyes, make sincere eye contact and smile genuinely


You can't fake confidence, you have to earn it through doing the right thing, especially when making the first impression.


Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Practice perfect interviewing.


Déjà vu is either good or bad during your interviews, based upon which past employee you remind the employer of, like it or not. Understanding this and utilizing this understanding will get you on the right career path, right now..


Auto Jobs Available Employers Look for Prior Success

Monday March 21, 2012 - The auto jobs market as most of us know is a constantly changing carousel. Some interesting trends have been surfacing within the industry that we have not really seen in the past.


Auto Dealers are being significantly more selective in how hire for each position. Experience that automotive professionals could typically talk their way through during an interview is now going through a more thorough verification process. Dealers are now looking to increase employee retention by hiring the right people the first time rather than the old trial and error approach that diminishes employee morale and satisfaction creating a snowball effect throughout an organization.


Dealership Experts pre-screens all of its applicants therefore serving the right people for the right position obtaining higher retention and ultimately more profit.


“By utilizing the Dealership Experts screening process our company has saved advertising and labor costs that used to always be in our bottom line as an expense”, says Robert Knowles, Dealer in Texas.


Dealership Experts Personnel CRM is simple and manages resumes and candidate data securely and professionally. In this new age of technology working without tools that increase efficiency simply does not make sense.


Auto Job Demand Increases as Selling Season Approaches

Monday January 31, 2012 - As we in the auto industry begin moving out of the generally slower portion of the year that surprisingly all manufactures, as well as dealers, experienced modest gains in market share. They call them gains, but what they are actually seeing in the increase are consumers that must re-enter the auto market in one form (service) or another (sales). This trend will undoubtedly continue as we move forward into 2012 as a result of the 2008 reduction in manufacture production.


These numbers should be exciting for dealers and the many job seekers that are watching the industry they currently manage either shrink, slow down, or in some cases dissolve during the economical shift now happening.


“When there are more consumers in the market for new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles, or repair services that require the technology of franchised dealers, we have to be staffed to capture our share of that increase”, says Heather Griggs-Candler, VP of Human Resources for Dealership Experts. Dealerships management teams around the United States should evaluate the future quarters so they will be ready for new talent and the future of our industry that is sure to knock on your door. Those that are prepared to hire and train in our evolving industry will for certain come out ahead when we see 2012 wind-down.


The Automotive Industry is Currently in the Midst of a Welcome Resurgence

Thursday January 13, 2012 - The automotive industry is currently in the midst of a welcome resurgence. As sales figures are posted from the auto manufactures around the country, and the world, franchised dealers are looking to their own financials trying to match up what the industry is doing as a whole.

“Auto dealers are examining the talent that is leading their individual efforts”, says Nino Parco, C.E.O. of Dealership Experts a leading auto recruiter that procures automotive talent throughout the United States. “When you see these numbers from a franchised dealer’s perspective, you have to inspect if your current staff is going after your market share in all areas from the sales department to the service department.”

Automotive dealers are now going on offense. This is when building a winning team within your organization is key. As the selling season quickly approaches you must be staffed with forward thinking automotive professionals. Technology continues to evolve and direct how we have done business for years. Dealerships now can penetrate markets outside their own PMA (product market area) if they employ professionals that have a clear understanding of the technology that assists and guides their dealership through the retail market. Your progressive and auto industry leading organizations utilize all facets of technology to reinvent how market share is attacked and won. This trend will continue and grow for a long time to come opening the door for smaller dealers to compete with private and publically held auto groups that have advertising budgets that dwarf their own in comparison. So be sure to review and scout the automotive professionals that are mapping your dealership’s future. Find areas where your stores performance is below industry benchmarks and look to improve your team through training or acquiring auto talent that realizes the market is once again moving.


Dealership Experts Launches the Only Automotive Professional Interactive Web-Site

Wednesday December 01, 2011 – The filing of a trade-mark for Smart Resume™ was a large step forward in the automotive recruiting industry to the team of Dealership Experts. After months of design and functionality that interacts with the only automotive personnel CRM in the industry, Smart Resume™ would seem to hit the auto industry in a period where automotive dealers are looking to slow down the turnover within their dealerships to control employee retention. "Our product interacts weekly for active auto personnel and monthly with inactive auto personnel keeping all milestones for automotive professionals qualifications, skill sets, and accomplishments. We track tenure and easily identify gaps or omissions in employment resumes giving our automotive professionals and dealers alike the quality candidates available for any position within an automotive dealership" says David L. White, C.F.O.


"Smart Resume™ will separate the true professionals from the job hoppers within our industry", says Heather Griggs-Candler, VP of Human Resources. Automotive professionals don't have to remember accomplishments month to month as the Smart Resume™ process keeps up on all events that would advance a true professionals career. Look for this product to be the standard when considering hiring dealership personnel.


Dealership Experts Launches the Only Automotive Personnel CRM for Dealers

Saturday, September 4, 2011 - Dealership Experts, one of the nation's largest automotive dealer recruiting and consulting firms based in Dallas, today launched the auto industry's first personnel CRM for automotive dealers throughout the United States. They have been working on the project for 6 months taking auto dealer and automotive professional input on most of its functionality. "We listened to our growing base of Member Dealers throughout the country", says Nino Parco C.E.O. "Our dealers really inspired us to create a paperless web-based product where they can view automotive professionals and entry level candidates resumes from any PC, along with all of their qualifications and skill sets, eliminating the arduous process of running ads and pre-screening applicants".


Changing Automotive Corporations process' and expenses in the Human Resources area was a catalyst for this project. Dealers all over the U.S. spend on average $20,000 per year in just advertising expenses, let alone the task of paying current employees to go sifting through resumes and applications of candidates that may or may not qualify for the position applied for. With an industry that has worked feverishly at increasing employee retention and slowing down the carrousel of characters that have not been honest in their employment history or accomplishments, dealers have been faced with guessing whether a candidate can perform the opportunity offered. Dealership Experts exclusive vetting process has eliminated the guess work and serves only those automotive professionals that qualify for the opportunity offered by our member dealers, while reducing advertising and HR expenses.


As they move forward in 2011, Dealership Experts looks to add over 500 more dealerships to the growing dealer base. "We provide the dealer a product that gives them relief in exposure and expense", says David White, C.F.O. "Dealers now have a choice to look for key employees that come with a guarantee, eliminating a bad hire, thus increasing employee retention." This year is going to be the time when expenses that consume labor within our industry will be looked at and streamlined to increase retention and professionalism




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