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Smart Resume® – What, Where, When, and How?


What is Smart Resume®?

Smart Resume® was developed and created for automotive industry professionals that hire or transition within the industry. With Smart Resume® your career is tracked securely and privately in real time, whether you are active within the automotive employment market (updated at least one time each 14 days keeps you active) or are currently satisfied with your current automotive career path (where you will receive your Smart Resume® each month on the 10th). When you have industry accomplishments such as statistical data, performance goals exceeded, tenure, or given a promotion, Smart Resume® will add these milestones to your professional resume as it happens. This enhances your value by accomplished documentation and validation of your automotive industry career.

For Automotive Professionals

Updating your professional resume typically occurs when you are not prepared for the employment search. Remembering prior milestones and accomplishments, that come in abundance with true automotive professionals, are forgotten within this month to month industry. Sometimes expectations from automotive employers to compete fuels a cycle within the industry as their profit margins shrink and the competition grows. With Smart Resume® you are always prepared and ready to display your accolades to public and private automotive dealers and/or groups that understand the importance of employee retention and promotion from within these progressive organizations.

For Automotive Employers

Dealership Experts Member Dealers are some of the most accomplished and professional employers in the country. These public and private employers are always searching for automotive professionals that have learned and displayed above average industry performance. With Smart Resume® these industry leading organizations know that our data is tracked in real-time and verified by Dealership Experts eliminating the risk of a bad hire controlling compensation expenses, employee retention, and market share. They realize that true automotive professionals develop their success from within creating a dealership brand of success.

Simple & Smart

When you apply for available positions with Dealership Experts Member Dealers you will go through our exclusive vetting process utilizing our industry knowledge and assets. With Smart Resume® you will only be required to go through this process one time throughout your career with Dealership Experts eliminating the laborious updating and verification process of the employment search. Smart Resume® keeps you on the automotive career fast track enabling you to control and manage your professional career by a simple click of the mouse.

Active Automotive Professionals

Active automotive professionals are currently in search of their next plateau in the industry. New candidates go through our exclusive vetting process and are then displayed in real-time on our Dealer candidate page of our website where automotive dealers can search candidates by position, geographical area, or specialized skill set. Dealership Experts puts you on stage with employers that may or may not have disclosed their search for qualified automotive candidates. You will update your own secure professional record each week disclosing the Member Dealers that viewed your qualifications for current and future opportunities. Once your employment goal is attained Smart Resume® then removes you from the employment search mode automatically.

Inactive Automotive Professionals

Inactive automotive professionals are currently working within the automotive industry at some capacity with an employer they are satisfied with. Smart Resume® keeps our automotive candidates skill sets and qualifications up to date along with any industry relative statistical data, performance, and/or promotions. Each automotive professional will receive access one time per month enabling them to update all data defining their employment tenure, current job duties, and accomplishments. Inactive automotive professionals will only have to go through our vetting process one time as long as their Smart Resume® is completed each month. If you have no changes you are one click away from an update. With Dealership Experts and Smart Resume® you will always be prepared with real-time data to activate your qualifications that will provide you an opportunity to advance your automotive career with one of our industry leading companies and/or corporations.


Dealer Feedback

We have had some real challenges lately and I want to thank you and your staff for really knuckling down and vetting some true winners. We have made several hires on your recommendation and they have each turned out to be a real benefit to our company and in turn we have been able to be a benefit to them.Could not have done it with out y'all!Hope to see you soon.

Thanks again,

Dallas H. (6 Auto Franchise location's)


Candidate Feedback

I was impressed with your staff’s customer service and professionalism at helping me find quality job opportunities at a premier dealership. If you are looking for dealership management, service advisor, auto technician or support staff jobs placement Nino Parco & Dealership Experts can get the job done. I would definitely recommend that all auto professionals apply

Thanks again,

Ed P.