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Browse the recent auto jobs opening added by automotive dealers, vendors, OEM's, and much more from all over the United States. Our automotive jobs database is updated every hour with hundreds of new auto job positions, which might be just the right fit for you.

Date Company Job Vacancy City Salary Employment
Service Advisor Grapevine $120000/ year FULL TIME
🔥 Finance Manager Waco $120000/ year FULL TIME
🔥 General Sales Manager Irving $150000/ year FULL TIME
🔥 Controller Pensacola $90000/ year FULL TIME
🔥 Finance Manager Corpus Christi $150000/ year FULL TIME
Sales Manager Apprentice Port Charlotte $80000/ year FULL TIME
Assistant Sales Director Plano $75000/ year FULL TIME
Dealer Management Apprentice Frisco $85000/ year FULL TIME
🔥 Pre-Owned Director Arlington $180000/ year FULL TIME
🔥 New Vehicle Manager Richardson $130000/ year FULL TIME
Internet Sales Representative Commerce $75000/ year FULL TIME
Dealer Management Apprentice Decatur $65000/ year FULL TIME
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If you would like to drop a quick RFP (request for personnel rather than call, our interactive automotive ATS (applicant tracking system) recruiting technology enables you to send us an order discreetly via your dealership's auto jobs portal.

Call in Personnel Request

If you are on the go like most automotive management creating and running an ad requesting auto professionals for your dealership or organization is time consuming. With Dealership Experts, our Member Dealers simply call to place any order with instant result via our exclusive automotive personnel ATS. Become a Member Dealer today to access top fully vetted auto dealership professionals.

Automatic Auto Job Posting

With our automotive applicant tracking system (ATS) creating an ad for an auto job opening has never been easier. Our Member Dealers simply login to their auto dealership or organization location they would like to place the auto job opening, follow the simple dropdown order under Opportunities, and that's it! We write and run the ad populating to the major job boards and begin vetting qualified automotive professionals immediately. Become a Member Dealer today.

About Us | Dealership Experts

Dealership Experts is not your typical automotive recruiter, auto jobs experts, or auto jobs employment agency. With over 100 years of auto industry management experience, auto jobs expertise, and the best automotive industry contacts that are all accessible within the only automotive personnel ATS for.

We find automotive dealers the most talented auto job seekers and explosive dealer employees available within the auto jobs market; we prefer to call them "difference makers". This provides your dealership with almost instant results and horse-power on the road to change and profitability in any department.

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Qualified Auto Professionals | Fully Vetted & Guaranteed

At Dealership Experts our auto recruiting services provide the most comprehensive, cost effective, complete background check, and reference check in the auto industry. This means you will know the auto professional you are getting for the auto jobs you have available. You simply log-in to our industry exclusive Member Dealer Personnel ATS and view resumes of qualified professionals (auto jobs candidates) that we serve, or you can search through our fully vetted auto job candidates by zip code, auto expert qualifications, or any other requested recruiting staffing criteria. With our auto personnel ATS you will never lose a resume, you can view job seeker resumes anywhere you have internet access, and with Smart Resume® you are guaranteed accurate employment history and data.

Combining advertising, software and services, we lead the industry in recruiting solutions, employment screening and human capital management. It also operates top job sites around the world.

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