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Dealership Experts was formed during the most volatile and tumultuous period of the automotive industry in our time, retail year of 2008 and began in the late 1st quarter of 2009. With an estimated decrease of 8.5 million retail units sold within the United States, automotive dealerships nationwide are finding themselves in financial risk as banks and other financial institutions, which auto dealers rely on, face bankruptcy and uncertainty.

Dealership Experts was formed by Nino Parco and other seasoned retail automotive professionals looking for auto jobs from variable operations to fixed operations. We also are serving the thousands of automotive dealerships with auto jobs available nationwide that face new challenges within today's industry that was non-existent ever in the history of this timeless giant. Dealership Experts gives automotive dealers an affordable way to move proactively and profitably filling auto jobs within today’s automotive landscape. Having the right people in place and them knowing the processes and solutions for your market structure is more important now than ever, and we at Dealership Experts recognize this situation.

We can deliver our auto jobs expertise from every area of the automotive industry from sales management, service management, warranty administration, body shop management, accounting, and advertising and much more to the development that makes each department, customer retention friendly, and profitable. We watch the dealer’s bottom line and supply fully qualified and vetted auto jobs professionals.

Don't wait until market conditions change or a new stimulus bill is passed, become more profitable today without the higher expense to your compensation line. Contact Us at Dealership Experts to let us provide you with a guaranteed auto professionals and a free initial confidential consultation so you can watch your dealership bottom line soar.

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