Dealership’s Struggle to Fill Auto Technician Jobs

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The current landscape of all franchised auto dealership’s talent is evolving at a rapid pace. Auto jobs are continuing to evolve at the speed of internet leads or prospects in both variable and fixed operations. The front end of dealerships across this country are seeing management positions move continuously to the internet and BDC department as fast as technology becomes a dealer’s floor and door traffic driver and controller. We are going to talk about the largest challenge dealers are facing when it relates to auto jobs in their dealerships in 2020, which is technician auto jobs. This is where hourly dealership profit turns and time you will never be able to recoup.

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Automotive technician jobs used to be easy to fill and there was a plentiful supply of experienced auto technicians and non-experienced techs looking for technician auto job positions bot. However, as the economy has taken a strong upward turn, continues to grow, and Master ASE Certified auto technicians begin to leave the traditional OEM shops and are electing to open their own independent facilities or shops to service a growing base of consumers. They have the taken the formula to attract and train the next generation of automotive technicians for both today’s and tomorrow’s automotive service facilities with ease as their new shops become learning facilities for entry level technicians. We in the OEM service world must adjust if we are to make our fixed operations grow faster than independent shops as we compete for manufacture recommended service, unanticipated auto service-related issues, and general service maintenance on today’s vehicles.

How do we begin turning the tide of technician auto jobs migrating to independent service facilities? We begin with adequately maintaining the compensation and retention of our top auto technicians we currently have in our employ. You must have one on one’s with these talented veteran technicians that are beginning to see where the auto technician jobs are moving to firsthand during their mentoring and training period of what we call “grow our own” technicians. Identifying these drivers of our future ASE Certified Master Technicians is key to apply these easily identifiable metrics that enables us to ensure the retention of our current service technicians and entry level auto technicians.

Finding auto technician jobs is easy, finding the qualified technicians is the true challenge to the auto industry

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Now we must adjust our auto technician recruiting and technician auto job hiring efforts within a successful template for attrition and growth of dealerships. This means cementing the foundation of you’re “A” Technicians assuring you will not lose the real teachers of your service staff and the auto technicians that are driving your ho. Great fixed operation managers, service managers, and general managers alike must be ahead of this spearheading a defined action plan and continuously adjusting that plan as service facility market conditions foretell.

By making a few adjustments in the way your fixed operations, including body shop positions, approaches your service facilities current and future technician auto job openings you will be staffed in growth mode to generate many saleable hours for a thriving service business.

If you are looking for auto technicians and would like a free evaluation of your fixed operations performance analysis contact Dealership Experts by clicking below. We thank you for the read and hope this helps your shop own your PMA and DMA.

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