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Accounting - Billing (minimum 1 year experience) $499.00
Accounting Payables (minimum 1 year experience) $499.00
Accounting Receivables (minimum 1 year experience) $499.00
Accounting Title (minimum 1 year experience) $499.00
Advertising Creative Director $1950.00
Advertising Media Editor (1 Year Media Editing) $1950.00
Advertising Sales & Account Management (1 Year Advertising or Dealer to Dealer Sales) $799.00
Advertising Writers $999.00
Assistant Sales Director $299.00
Assistant Sales Manager $499.00
Asst Controller/Office Manager (minimum 1 year experience) $1495.00
Auction Regional Manager $6999.00
Auto Advertising Graphic Designer $1250.00
Auto Advertising Video/Motion Graphic Editor $1250.00
Auto Dealer I.T. Manager $1899.00
Auto Dealership Finance Assistant* $599.00
Auto Dealership Personnel Trainer $1000.00
Auto Detailer $399.00
Auto Digital Marketing Manager $2499.00
Auto Industry Media Buyer (Minimum 1 Year Media Buyer Experience) $699.00
Auto Rental Sales Associate $599.00
Auto Shop Dispatcher / Foreman $1500.00
Auto Technician A (Foreman and/or Master) $2500.00
Auto Technician B $1500.00
Auto Technician C $750.00
Automotive Administrative Assistant $799.00
Automotive Dealership Inventory Clerk* $499.00
Automotive Mechanical Claims Adjuster $2000.00
Automotive PDR Technician (Paintless Dent Repair Technician) $599.00
Automotive Special Finance Manager* $1000.00
Body Shop Director/Manager $1999.00
Body Shop Estimator $599.00
Body Shop Painter $599.00
Body Shop Technician $599.00
Cashier/Receptionist/Clerk $299.00
Chief Financial Officer (2 Year Dealership Experienced) $5950.00
Classic Vehicle Sales & Purchasing $599.00
Controller $3000.00
Corporate/Platform Manager Fixed Ops $5450.00
Corporate/Platform Manager Variable Ops* $5450.00
CSR $299.00
Dealer Management Apprentice $299.00
Dealer to Dealer Sales Representative $1500.00
Finance Director* $2000.00
Finance Manager* $1500.00
Fleet Sales / Manager $799.00
General Manager* $4950.00
General Sales Manager* $3250.00
Human Resources / Payroll $899.00
Internet Sales Representative $399.00
Internet/BDC Manager $1499.00
Junior Auto Advertising Account Executive $499.00
Leasing & Finance Specialist $599.00
New Vehicle Director $1999.00
New Vehicle Manager* $1499.00
Parts Counter Representative $399.00
Parts Director/Manager $1499.00
Parts Driver $399.00
Parts Wholesale Field Operations* OEM Representative $1500.00
Porter $299.00
Pre-Owned Director* $1999.00
Pre-Owned Manager* $1250.00
Professional Sales Representative $299.00
Quick Lane Manager / Service Drive Manager $1250.00
Rental Agency Manager $799.00
Sales Manager Apprentice $299.00
Senior Advertising Account Executive $1450.00
Service Advisor (minimum 1 year experience) $750.00
Service and Parts Director $2499.00
Service/Director Manager $2250.00
Staffed Event Sales $699.00
Territory Manager $4999.00
Vehicle Condition Inspector $1750.00
Warranty Administrator $1599.00
*All managers placed will have a minimum of 1 calendar year in management.
All managers placed are billed from date of employment and are payable within 30 days from date of employment.

Dealership Experts provides staffing, recruiting, and related services to Member Automotive Dealers ("Member Dealers") throughout the United States. Membership entitles Member Dealers to access a pool of professional automotive vetted and qualified candidates within our exclusive and only automotive dealer personnel CRM, which saves money and time by elimination of Member Dealer employment advertising, vetting and/or applicant pre-qualification screening efforts. Your dealership may run as many employment ads as it chooses on Dealership Experts Automotive Job Board.

*Dealership Experts Membership Fee $99.00 – Membership fee that enables members to utilize the unlimited employment advertising, training, consulting, and staffing solutions offered by Dealership Experts. The Membership Fee is per dealer retail location and/or rooftop unless otherwise agreed to by Dealership Experts and/or the Member Dealer. Cancelation of membership requires 90 days written notice from date of agreement and member agrees to. Membership ensures subscribers to full access of all Dealership Experts automotive candidate iCRM, unlimited employment advertising, and automotive placement programs. Dealership Experts is required to give all members 90 day notice to any/all price changes to any/all services provided by Dealership Experts.

**("HOT JOB") Dealership Experts Hot Job addition to any ad run by a Member Dealer will be invoiced at $20.00 per Hot Job ad run – Hot Job symbol is to appear within each job run utilizing our Hot Job feature. Dealership Experts will guarantee at least 1 well qualified applicant served to a Member Dealer in the first 30 days of the Hot Job running. If you receive no qualified candidates during a Hot Job run there will be no charge to the Member Dealer. Dealership Experts is required to give all members 30 day notice to any/all price changes to any/all services provided by Dealership Experts Hot Job feature.

***Professional Automotive Candidates (with a Guarantee) that are placed with Member Dealers are guaranteed by Dealership Experts for 30 calendar days from the date of hire. If a Dealership Experts Professional Automotive Candidate is hired by Member Dealer and subsequently becomes separated from employment for any lawful reason, Dealership Experts agrees to provide a Professional Automotive Candidate replacement for such separated employee at no additional cost to Member Dealer.

****No-solicitation of member Dealer Employees: Dealership Experts agrees it will not direct its recruiting staff to target Member Dealer employees for solicitation; however Dealership Experts business model generally involves the advertisement and marketing of staffing, training and related services through public forums including, but not limited to, printed materials, third party publications and the internet. Therefore, in consideration of employment privacy laws and the public nature of its business model, Dealership Experts shall not be prohibited from interviewing, training and/or placing Member Dealer employees that independently apply to Dealership Experts or respond to Dealership Experts general public advertising and marketing efforts. rev.11.5/19

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